PER KIRKEBY | curated by EYEDS

Rejser i det Høje Nord Traveling in the High North

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Per Kirkeby

The catalog is published in connection with the exhibition Travels in the High North a collaboration between Fredericia Art Association & Museum Jorn 2.2. - 4.3. 2018.

The catalog contains the following articles:
What man fills, Minik Rosing
Travel mates, Keld Zeruneith
Per Kirkeby's graphic mapping of the Faroe Islands, Michael Schäfer
The catalog is illustrated & contains 112 pages. Paperback
Languages Danish and English
Preface by Poul B. Jakobsen, Chairman Fredericia Art Association & Jacob Thage, Director Museum Jorn.

Per Kirkeby biography, Lucas Haberkorn
Commented catalog of Per Kirkeby's exhibited erasures