Social Pattern x Bespoke Fabric

The artwork was first carried out as a mural in connection with Michael Kvium’s exhibition “SALIGIA” at 'Dunkers kulturhus' in Helsingborg, 2015. The ʻSocial Patternʼ was originally made with Yellow artwork on Black background.  

The bespoke fabric design was introduced in connection with Kvium’s exhibition "Cirkus Europa" at ARKEN, Museum of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen, 2017, Social Pattern was a continuous theme that almost acted as a counterpart to the exhibition’s single human figures, as the amorphous, bodily figures in Social Pattern are strongly connected. Kvium has through his career tried to create these abstract forms questioning our own existence. In the "Cirkus Europa" exhibition at ARKEN he is using the Social Pattern in a big installation “Alien Aftermath” and also as background for many of his characters. 

Michael Kvium Interview: Circus Europe

 Social Pattern  · Artwork by Michael Kvium

The bespoke fabric was upholstered on the bench ‘The Furniture’ a-six-meter-long sausage-shaped bench covered with the characteristic Midnight Blue/ Black ground colour with Dusty Red Social Pattern artwork. The legs are moulded of real Spanish hams in bronze. 

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