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ʻSquare Root 9ʼ Mobile

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Inspired by the magic of mathematics
ʻSquare Root of 9ʼ can be compared to a painting & a work of art with its constantly changing, yet completely simple forms & figures. The nine black circles – with their holes & small wooden balls – create a unique play of shadows on the wall. Static yet in constant motion at one & the same time. 

This mobile artwork is to hang 33 cm out from the wall. ’Square Root of 9’ is a classic mobile work of art that casts the most fantastic shadow pictures.

The hooks to hang up ’Square Root of 9’ are included in the box.

Colour: Black, Nature 
Material: Aluminium, Wood 
Size: H80cm x W71cm
Designer: Christian Flensted 
Design year: 1971 

Type: Box
Dimension: L73cm × W21cm × H8cm 
Volume cdm: 13,500 
Total gram.: 3500 g