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Large Glass Bowl Relæ

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Large Bowl · 23cm x 15cm
Glassware by Raawii 
Relæ Design by

Nicholai Wiig Hansen
Food proof coloured glass · Produced in Portugal

The engaging glassware is mouth-blown & crafted in Portugal.
This tinted glass collection features multiple angles that create beautiful plays of color & light, especially when water is added to it —in fact, Wiig Hansen’s inspiration for this design is based on his fascination with the way light refracts when it interacts with glass & water. The Raawii Relæ Glassware is food-safe & Dishwasher-safe.

Founded in 2017, Raawii lives and works by three ground rules: Design products with a sense of ideal proportions, connect with design environments & production with respect for people & civilisation. Raawii is based in Copenhagen.