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Signal Lamp | Small Earthenware

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Designer: Panter & Tourron
Dimensions · Small: 23.6 x 8.5 x 27.5 cm
Earthenware: Handmade in Portugal 
SIGNAL, Raawii’s first lighting collection, is a set of ceramic lanterns in 2 sizes, Small and Large in a selection of elegant colours.

Inspired by the shape of vintage pocket Morse lamps, SIGNAL is a single volume softened on the sides, characterized by a central carved dome that doubles as opening on the opposite side, letting the light shine through a subtle gradient.

Featuring easy access to the light source, the lamp is proposed both in matt and glossy options, that give two different light effects.

Raawii creates design that leaves lasting impressions in the form of versatile and refined products that will enhance any space or setting. Raawii work with base from Copenhagen, Denmark.