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Blanket | Brush Series Blue Red

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Note from the designer

“Many think of a blanket as a 2D object. However, it is a 3D one and with Brush it’s about playing with the lines and texture to show this. The carefully selected hue combinations were painted with brush strokes when designing the pieces, which inspired the collection name. The blankets’ two sides are weaved to show opposite colours - a “negative” and a “positive” side. The visual language changes depending on the chosen side- and how the blanket is folded.”

Nicholai Wiig-Hansen Artistic Director / raawii


These blankets have been intended to last a long period of time. It’s significant to note, that extra care is required to ensure that their natural properties are preserved for future generations.
— Shake out and ventilate regularly

— Avoid sitting on your Blanket, and keep it away from garments that feature rivets, zippers and other hardware.

— Brush from time to time with a wool comb

— Use a wet cloth and cold water to gently spot clean stains as soon as possible.

— Dry clean to reduce shrinking, or hand wash at low temperatures.

— Machine wash on a gentle cycle with wool detergent if necessary.

 Materials: Wool & Cashmere

Care instructions: Dry clean only