· 'Minoyaki', a type of Japanese pottery, finds its origins in the Gifu prefecture located on the central island of Honshu, Japan. An abundance of clay — the raw material for pottery — is found in the region, giving rise to a centuries-old tradition. This region still produces ceramics made by local craftsmen whose experience & skill pay homage to its predecessors while a contemporary design approach takes this form of art to new heights.

Encouraged by our unwavering interest in the tableware of this region over the past three decades, we have developed a collaborative effort between the craftspeople of the area. This has been an enduring conversation of beauty, design & quality celebrating food & functionality.
Our aim is to offer unique products with a sustainable theme for every day use to enrich family life in the home & kitchen. 

Our ceramic ranges are sourced from small, family-run kilns in Gifu, our lacquerware from Wakayama & the rest of our product range from artisan workshops in other parts of Japan.
Japanese pottery formed in a particular region is tied directly to its indigenous materials & resources, this not only includes the clay, but also the colours that inspire the glaze & the form of the product.

We aim to source lasting pieces & to develop new colours & styles in conjunction with makers to complement existing collections —not replace them. The new shapes, colours & patterns we add to our existing ranges are selected with durability & functionality in mind. 

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