Abstraction · 1967  Artwork by Robert Jacobsen (1912-1993)

Aquarelle sur papier (61 x 44 cm) 

Robert Julius Tommy Jacobsen was born in 1912 in Copenhagen, Denmark to a very modest family. 

During World War II he worked with Danish modernist artists such as Asger Jorn, Carl-Henning Pedersen and Egill Jacobsen and participated in the circle around the journal Helhesten who later came to make up the COBRA-movement. In this period he created massive stone sculptures that he called "fabeldyr”  · (fantastic animals). 

He traveled to France with his colleague Richard Mortensen and lived there from 1947-69. During his time in France he began creating sculptures in cast iron.In France he received the nickname Gros Robert. 

In 1966, Jacobsen receives the grand prize for sculpture at the Biennale of Venice. The artist returns to Denmark in the 70’s to satisfy public demand and their designs monumental works. 

 In 1974 he was awarded the Prince Eugen Medal by the King of Sweden. 

In 1976, he becomes a professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. For several decades, the most renowned galleries, the greatest museums, show his works, in France and abroad. Robert Jacobsen equally practised engraving and illustrated works. 

"Rester au plus près des choses, par les moyens les plus simples. " - Robert Jacobsen (1912-1993)

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